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Order now!  Custom Pumpkins!You can place your order for personalized pumpkins from now through August 25th to get them back by Oct 1st.  They will be equipped with a light on the inside to plug in so that all your passer-by's can be spooked with your kiddos names, or even your family name.  These are all custom done, so they can be made to say anything you wish.  They will also be custom painted...$44 including tax.
TO ORDER...go to the purchase gift certificates page and choose the pumpkin option.  You will be paying $40 to order your pumpkin, and 4 in tax. Then shoot us a link on the contact us page and let me know what you want your pumpkin to say.  These are so cute!  I'm excited about offering them for you!
Here is the unpainted reindeer!  These are $50.
or you can opt for the snowman @ $60:)
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